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challenge #93 - bunzo

This weeks challenge was to use the new tangle Bunzo. It's a cool, organic looking tangle that I bet people are doing amazing things with.........unfortunately, it wasn't really working for me today.

Tried my brainstorming page technique which gave me a few ideas, but in the end I'm just o.k. with the finished results, I just wish I really loved them. Ah, well. There's always next week!

Love the name. Bunzo. Sounds a like an aussie guy that you'd invite around for a bbq. Bunzo. Bunzo me maaaaayte.

Anyway, here is my weeks contribution.

Bunzinky: the continuous pattern made me think of a slinky going down the stairs.
Bunzo beads
These two were fun to do :)
Brainstorming page. The starfish thing actually creeps me out a bit. The bunzo in the centre looks like a writhing vortex. And the arms. It's wrong, oh so very, very wrong.

Can't wait to see what everyone else has come up with!