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challenge #92 - stripes

This weeks diva challenge string theory - stripes. Loved it. I still have a couple more drawings in progress in my journal, but wanted to get something up today.

So, here goes!

Pencil strips - meant to represent strips of patterned paper rolled around a pencil. I love my pencil and most of the strips, though the orientation on one of them is annoying me.

Generally, when I am looking for patterns, I start flicking through my log from front to back - this time I started at the back so that I could use some of the poor, lonely patterns that normally get left behind :(

Don't know why this looks fuzzy, if you click on the image you'll see a clearer pic.
Patterned stripes - Transitioning patterns isn't something I do a lot of - so I went through my pattern log and tried to pick ones that I thought would flow together and this is what I came up with. I think I should've rethought the buttons on the bottom, great pattern, but not sure they're working here. Ah, well, I'm stuck with them now!
Pick up sticks: My favourite of this batch - so simple and minimalist. **love**.

I love using curved inked triangles at intersections - I call them "sticky corners", but have seen them around.

Pick up sticks: progression. I scanned this one at various stages as I had planned to stop at each one and, then as I decided to add each additional layer, wanted to have a copy in case I hated it. Shading is done with promarkers. I love it at every stage :) Marry me, pick up sticks!

Off to finish my other drawings. I'm working on a leaflet video with a fun variation that I'm loving!

Have a great one!