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challenge #91 - beads of courage

The challenge this week was to take inspiration from the Beads of Courage charity - wow, what an amazing program - courage made tangible. The inception of this program is inspiring, and shows how one person can affect the lives of many. It makes me think of one of my favourite quotes "be the change you want to see in the world" (mahatma ghandi).

Now, beads, SO FUN to draw. Love. I sketched out a few ideas on Tuesday night and finally managed to complete them today.

Beads: This one was the last in my series of sketches, more of an afterthought, and ended up being my equal favourite (along with the poppies!). Funny how that happens. I combined shading mediums on this one - I still don't have a replacement for my lightest grey marker (hopefully in the post tomorrow), so I shaded the beads with markers, and did the drop shadows with greylead.
Poppies and beads! Equal favourite place. I love them, the californian poppies are just starting to bloom in my garden now and I have a few other varieties still to sow for summer. 

I kept this one really simple ( I had originally intended for the centre stamens to be strings of beads, then just decided to thread a string of beads through the whole design. Shaded with pencil.
Beads and scrolls: Had to squeeze in some scrolls somewhere! Love drawing nzeppel, too.

Beaded daisy chain: with the beloved cruffle. So perfect for beads.
Huge day at school tomorrow with the kids. We're cooking for a volunteer lunch of 45! I may not surface again for a week :)