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Challenge #90 - string theory - morning glories & genes

Another week, another challenge - this week it was string theory.

I often start my drawings with a couple of loose, directional lines to give me a framework to work from, so I loved that we were using a string this week - particularly one that had such a lovely curving flow. My favourite type.

The first drawing features mooka & morning glories, two things I LOVE drawing, and together I think they are perfect. This one is really quite similar to a picture I posted a while back, (you can see it here - also has the steps for the morning glories). So, though I've used this combination before, and had no intention of repeating it, my brain was chanting do it, do it, doitdoitdoitdoit - and I have learnt that resistance is futile. If I don't go with it, I am usually unhappy with the end result. It's like I need to get it out of my system before I can move on to another idea.

I kept this one a bit simpler by just colouring the flowers.
My second attempt reminds me of one side of a double helix. I call him "gene". I love doing stuff which lets me play with lots of patterns, yet still has a minimalist look.