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A moo-sunta flashback

Happy day! My blenders arrived. Though instead of getting the moleskine journal that I ordered, I ended up with a moleskine passions cat journal - I love my cats but not so much that I want to keep a journal about them. It must be my month for messed up orders - this is the 2nd time I've been sent the wrong thing within a couple of weeks. I can't remember in all the years that I have been ordering stuff online that this has ever happened before.

So, last night I was flicking back through my finished journals - I like to mine them for undeveloped ideas that I've forgotten or passed over at the time - so easy to forget in the excitement of the next project that there's still some good stuff in there!

Anyway, I came across this page where I had sketched ideas for an earlier challenge - mooka v assunta. It was one of my favourite challenges and I loved most of the pieces I did for it - you can see them here and here - probably because I love mooka! So, so much.

Back to the journal page, here it is:

Hiding on this page I found these cute little moo-suntas (see the arrows), where part of the assunta has broken away from the rest. At the time I was probably a bit over it (I think I did 6 drawings for that challenge) but last night it was calling to me.

So, here it is - 3/4 of the assunta shape form the bulb and leaves, the remaining piece makes up the flower. The mooka - more leaves. This ended up being a quick drawing using some of my fave blending colours. Looking at the sketch again while I've been working on this post, I really like the stacked assunta I've got going there too.......maybe this afternoon after school.

Holidays are now officially over for me. I am back at school today and thursday cooking with the kids. Only 10 more weeks till the big summer break :) And counting.