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the bubble-ator & petal ribbon step-out

I had to jump out of bed early one morning last week and draw the outline for this. I don't know where the idea came from, no correllation to anything I was thinking about, I was probably just reading at the time, but sometimes images just pop, fully formed, in my head and I am compelled to go with them. I still seem to have cones on the brain. Such a cool, and, (to me) elegant shape. This ws pretty quick to do, though some of my striping is not quite right. Foiled by the black marker again! Oops! I can usually reshape, or just make something a little larger, but not in this case. I call him the..........Bubble-ator.

I often use Finery on the more graphic drawings that I do, it works so well for long skinny shapes like leaves. When I was drawing "Growing Tube" I changed it around a bit by adding a curved, blacked out bit under every 2nd line. On "Pinwheel3" I played around a bit more by alternating the s-shapes, and adding the curved black shape under every line to round them off more. Really liked how it looks like petals on a strip of ribbon. Here's the steps if you would like to do something similar, just click on the image to enlarge :)