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some more copada experimentation

I thought I was done with the challenge , ready to return to the design that I was working on before the challenge was posted this week, but I found myself sketching away in my journal again and came up with a couple more things that I wanted to expand on to see where they went. Copada Feather: I can't resist trying to turn patterns into feathers, I just love the challenge of seeing if I can still retain the basic pattern but also bend it to my nefarious will (insert evil laugh here). I had thought about this idea before I went in the banksia direction, but didn't think it would work. I've had to contort the base parentheses shape to point upwards so that the feather swirls would head in the right direction. Kind of an odd, spiky feather, but I like it.

String Flower: This one initially started as a sunflower but kept growing out of the shape. This is my comfort colour combo right now. Love, love mauve and yellow together.

Copada in primary colours: This one started off as a quick sketch and an excuse to use some primary colours for a bit of colour therapy today - I wanted to get away from grey for a while. I didn't think it would go anywhere, but I liked the end result - probably as it is so different from my normal colour scheme/s. I have seen some cool challenge responses - loved the fill on copada in both didisch's (stripes) and Mariet's ( flowers) challenge pieces - they have inspired the daisy & striped fill on the copada elements in this drawing.

A pen update! I am happy with the zig so far - though it probably only has one more drawing in it. I don't know whether I am training myself to have a (slightly) lighter touch. I am still slowly grinding it into the metal tube, but it lasted longer than the previous pens have. I will switch back to a micron once I have finished with this one to compare.