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so, so much knyt-ing. My hands are tired!

Have you used the Knyt Pattern which was created by Lyndel Churchill? I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it - so clever! - straight into the pattern log it went! Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to play with it right away.

This week I finally got to it! Just before I was distracted with Monday's IX challenge, I had sketched out a little design using knyt and managed to finish it off this weekend.

Loved the looser look to the pattern that I had seen here, and by the time I got to the end of the first drawing, I was consumed, I had to have more!

So, here's what came out of a little intensive Knyt-play:

Knyt in some flowers: I wanted to incorporate flowers and scrolly bits (I can never, ever have enough scrolly bits), AND have an excuse to use my mulberry promarker! I LOVE, love, love this colour. Love it!
The Knyt tassel a.k.a. Any excuse to use Lime Green and Hot Pink together: (almost the name of my blog - fortunately some sanity prevailed!) I wish this colour combo worked for more of my drawings. This turned out a lot like a mi2 drawing that I did some time back - love the feeling of it getting closer/larger.
Weave: Ohhh, o.k., the background on this looks a little grey - not so nice with the white background. Ah, well. Loved using Blooming Butter  by the wonderfully talented Michele Beauchamp - I could've played with this idea many more times. Also shaded with greylead instead of markers on this, which was a nice change for me as I haven't done it for a while - easier to control, but definitely messier.
Weave 2:  I'm kinda meh on this one, but had had enough by this time and didn't want to re-do. I love the idea of "threading" beads into the centre. I think you could really go to town with the weaving options presented by breaking up rows of knyt.
I found that whilst working on the first drawing, I struggled a little bit in making Knyt flow like I wanted it to and had to change my approach. I ended up drawing it in the same way that I work with Mi2- which is to draw a single directional greylead line and then freehand from there (the dots and seeds do my head in, it just ends up a huge mess for me). Much easier for me to draw it like this, and as maybe there are others whose brain works like mine (a little dysfunctional!), Lyndel has kindly given me the o.k. to post this alternative method for drawing her pattern, so here it is:

So, now that I have overloaded this post, and really, really need to go to bed, I will post the feather & variations that also resulted from this play asap.
PS: I'm excited! During the reading/re-reading while I was editing this post, I had a different idea of how to work with Knyt. I've sketched it out and can't wait to try it! I'm super-tired, so this one will have to wait until sometime through the week. I really wish my brain would just stop sometimes, but I do love that feeling of being inspired, the ideas don't always work, but the anticipation that they might is so much fun!