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Scrolled Feather - a video and some variations

A while back when I did the pattern for Scrolled Feather - I got my daughter to video me demoing - all ready for me to upload to the blog so that you could see how I go about drawing it. Unfortunately my firewire cord, or the video, would not talk to the computer and I couldn't edit it.

I still wanted to do it, and today, as it has been miserable and so incredibly cold that even my husband, John didn't want to work outside (an unheard of occurence!)  I got him to video me on my little Canon point and shoot camera. Yep. We're a high quality outfit here. Nothing but the best. LOL. Hopefully I don't live to regret it.

Anyway, here it is. Take note of the disclaimers at the start - the sound quality is not good (I do not lisp, and I'm sure my voice does not sound like that!) Hopefully you can understand me and my very Aussie accent.

I also had a bit of a play with the pattern and came up with a few variations of the theme.

Also, along the way, created a new pattern from the basic structure.

My head has been so full of ideas this weekend, my fingers are worn out trying to keep up. I've been playing with knyt and have another feather variation on the go. Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to put together another post.

Have a great weekend!