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I am not a robot! I promise!

Is it only me, or do other people get stumped by the word/number verification that you have to enter in order to post a comment on many blogs? Sometimes I have to do it up to 3 times before I get it right, and if I can't get it by that time, I give up. Too frustrating! I know why they are there, but can't they be a little easier to see? Fortunately, on many blogs you only need to do this the first time then it seems to recognise you. Anyway, I didn't realise it was an automatic option on blogger until I checked a couple of weeks ago, hopefully I have successfully removed it & I have not yet been bombarded with any spam (fingers crossed it stays that way).

Aside from that, I am totally loving that it is Monday, and I am not working (I only work alternate Mondays), and it is SUNNY (I have already had a nap on my verandah in the SUN, thank you very much!), and due to school scheduling, I am not working any other days this week either. Woohoo! Beautiful Melbourne Spring weather for the next few days and lots of drawings itching to be released from my brain onto the page. What could be more perfect? O.k., yes, I do also have to do a bit of planning for my classes next term, but I can maybe put that off to the beginning of next week :)

I have a copada feather breakdown in my sketchpad that I will scan/write instructions for, and upload over the next day or so, too.

Have a great one!



  1. helen - i totally understand your point. as i get older, it's harder for my eyes to see certain colors and tones and the blogs that require you to duplicate those squiggly, blurry letters and numbers often get un-commented on by me. not because i don't want to, i try to leave comments. but after i have tried - usually about the third unsuccessful try - i just give up and go on to a different blog.

    it's really starting to be more problematic for me. i love the blogs that don't have this requirement. i'm sure you are right - many bloggers probably don't realize they have that choice. i'd been thinking lately to post about this but didn't know how to do it tactfully. so, thanks! i appreciate the change you have made in your blog :)

  2. one thing i forgot - i've been blogging on my photography blog for 4 1/2 years and i've never had a problem. i did set my blogs up to require my approval of comments before they are posted - but no numbers or letters to be entered - just leave your comment and go on about your business. this way i still have some security and can reject any comments i need to. i don't think i've ever had to do that, though.

    1. so far it seems to be working out o.k. for me alice. I haven't had anything unwanted come through so hopefully it stays this way :)

  3. These numbers are realy a problem, and I didn`t realised that had them too. Until the moment when a blogfriend leaves a comment.
    "Dear seven, I want to leave a verry nice and long comment on your blog, but I`ve tried it 3 times and it dosn`t works. Is it possible for you to change the blog set up?"
    5 minutes later i`ve changed it. I have no problems with any spam.

    Sorry, my english is not so good.

    1. good to hear you haven't had any problems, seven. I didn't realise it either, until I made the connection that if I was having to verify on so many blogs I visited, that it may just be a default setting on mine, too!

  4. I agree with you. I Have removed it on my blog. Thanx for the tip.

    1. it seems to be working o.k. for me at the moment, hopefully we don't have any future issues with spam, etc, but it's easy enough to set up again if necessary :)


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