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growing tube

I have another terrible drawing pad - the last one was good, but this one - Jasart - is no good for shading with markers - it causes the ink to smudge from the line drawings when I work with the markers & also breaks down a bit when it becomes saturated. O.k. for just drawing/inkwork. Ah well, I will just have to work around it (I hate leaving a journal 1/2 full, so will persist till I finish it) - at least I know not to buy it again. I have a couple of moleskine journals on the way and am excited about trying them out next. Growing Tube: I have a fascination for playing with perspective, and I had fun with this one, making it look as if the various elements were sprouting from the tube - the shading on the holes in the tube took a bit of work to try and get right - still not 100% happy but I have a pressing need to move onto my next drawing, so have pronounced it "done".