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feathers, daisies & bubbles

This is a drawing from last week which I have been feeling a bit ambivalent about, not sure whether I wanted to post it or not, but, ultimately it has a yellow and purple colour scheme (insert happy gurgle), and daisies (love), so up it goes. I also wanted to post the steps I used for drawing the feather using Margaret Bremner's pattern copada for the diva challenge last week. I will definitely be doing something more with the peacock style feather I did here - love this :)

Feather instructions: Note: direction of the curly brackets and scrolls, as well as giving the feather centre a good curve are important for this one to look right, so it is a little fiddly. I prefer it in greyscale rather than colour.

Back to my drawing :)


  1. Fun, thanks Helen, I am off to play with this one!

  2. This is another cool looking feather. TFS your art!

  3. this is beautiful and i appreciate that you posted the instructions. i'm printing them out right now to stick in my notebook :)

  4. marvelous!!
    i will try... but seems difficult ...

  5. Your work is so beautiful. I really {heart} peacock feathers too, and am quite enamored with your feather. Thank you so much for posting the steps. I'm thinking it may be out of my skill range right now, but maybe if I practice a little I'll get the hang of it. =)

    1. I want to draw more peacock feathers - so many things on my to do list & not enough free time to draw them! Hope you had fun playing with the feather :)

  6. This is stunning. I'm off to practice it now. I love peacock feathers.

  7. Wow, I can't wait to show my tattoo artist your work. I was looking for something with daisies and feathers, this is awesome!


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