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challenge #85 - pinwheels for peace

This weeks Diva Challenge - Pinwheels for Peace, such a great idea. love it. Now that I am on school holidays, oh yeah - had my last sessions for the term today, finished next term's planning yesterday, and now have 2 1/2 glorious weeks stretching out in front of me - I finally had the time tonight to finish off the pieces I have been working on for the challenge. There hasn't been a real lot of love between me and the pinwheel, but here's what I came up with: Basic pinwheel, most like the simple pinwheel string posted on the challenge, couldn't resist adding a few curly bits.

The pinwheel that grew - this one started off as a 8 vaned pinwheel that I just kept on adding more to:

The design below idea came from this beautiful digitally produced pinwheel, by William "Spektyr" Laskorski and though I normally freehand, I couldn't resist using this as a template - too hard to reproduce the perfect arcs, spaces, etc.