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diva challenge #84 - take 2 - daisies

This daisy design was 3/4 complete when I aborted it to work on the pods, and it uses the same string - different orientation. So, tonight I finished up the colouring and added a bit more detail. I don't really love it, but I find the contrast of the two designs using the same base string really interesting.



  1. Very, very beautiful. I love it.


  2. You always mix delicate beautiful designs with just the right amount of color! Bravo!

  3. beautiful work as always! i love the colors - they work so well together - and i like how you showed us the string highlighted :)

  4. Very beautiful indeed. Love the color yellow and grey with black and white. I have a problem with making a second one, because I always end up with something that looks alike my first one. You did a wonderful job by making two so complete different drawings out of 1 string.

  5. What a treat! This is just delicious.


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