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diva challenge #83 - mooka v assunta - take 2, 3, 4.....

I've been playing around with this combination on and off through the week, though my first challenge response (violets) is still my favourite. I like to put patterns into circles to see if I can get the shape and perspective right - I wanted to try this with assunta because it was a little hard to incorporate easily with the mooka. I wanted the result to look like a mooka flower with an assunta centre, but I think the circle looks a bit like a world globe propped in the middle - I probably needed to shade the surrounding mooka to make it sit in the design a bit better. ah well I'm happy with the dimension of the "ball". Purple and yellow again on this, I am loving this colour combo right now.

Similar idea with a larger assunta centre.

One I worked on at the beginning of the week - I wanted the mooka to weave in and out of the assunta, so a lot of stopping and starting to avoid crossing lines.

not quite 50 shades of grey.............