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coneflowers & Scrolled Feather PATTERN

I love coneflowers. I want them ALL over my garden and have tried to grow them several times with no luck - this year I am giving it another go and have both purple and white coneflowers in the ground (currenly dormant), and (I hope) rearing to sprout as soon as spring comes around. So, for now, I have to appease my need by drawing them. This morning, I was totally inspired when I opened my email and found a link from tangle patterns to this gorgeous pattern: cruffle. I am even totally in love with the name - so cute - the next cat I get is going to be called Cruffle (sorry Skittles, Tigger and Tabby - you're just marking time, y'all). O.k., so back to business, as soon as I saw this pattern I thought CONE FLOWER CENTRES! and started drawing them out right away, unfortunately I work for half the day on Thursdays, so I was rudely interrupted, and just got back to it this afternoon. Anyway, LOVING cruffle for the flower centres.
I drew a similar feather in this drawing too, and, though it is pretty straight-forward, thought it would be fun to do a pattern for it, so here it is:
You can also see a video demo of it here.