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brayd diva challenge #82

Because I'm perverse, I like to try and find a way to use the pattern framework to make something a bit different - it hurts my head, but I kinda enjoy it! Took me a while to think of using the brayd framework as a feather, but I love the end result - a sort of (very) frayd brayd. lol. I am still totally LOVE, LOVE, LOVING my promarkers, and am (I think) getting a little better at blending with them. I do have a bit of a problem with run over/seepage - and am slowly getting a bit more control by colouring a little bit away from the edge. I have plans to spend some time online today ordering one more set of 12, then I (really, really)should be happy. the left "feather" is based on a quilting stitch design I found online when I was googling braids, a bit of a play around, and the result was another braid-style feather.