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brayd - diva challenge #82 no. 2

When I was doodling brayd ideas, I made a mistake on the overlap, and sketched my lines a little too big, I just kept going and really liked the outcome - as if the brayd was threaded through itself. So, then I decided I would sketch a big loopy string that crossed back on itself and try to create this effect more deliberately. I'm happy with the result, love the idea and will definitely use it again when I can be a bit more patient with my directional lines, etc. many are pretty haywire on this, along with my erratic highlighting. lol. I LOVE playing with those scrolly bits at the end.......I could do that all day. Simple little dragonflies to add a bit of balance to the design. anyway here is the result:

hx PS....accidently linked to my blog page instead of to the post for my previous challenge response, and, since I cannot change my link - I have predated this one so that it appears earlier - if you want to check out my other version of brayd, you'll need to go back to the main blog page.



  1. Love this light and airy version of Brayd. Your scrolly bits are lovely and fun!

  2. For some reason, this brought "locks for love" to mind. Your ends are wonderful, as are the delightful dragon flies.

  3. This tile is art at the core. The lines are fluid and graceful! I love how you have given brayd life and beauty!

  4. These are both beautiful tangleations of brayd.

  5. thanks so much! I want to play with this idea a bit more again as I really had fun with it.

  6. Sensational! I love your delicate style!


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