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anemone bouquet

Spring is coming, I have the proof in my garden - the anemone's are just starting to flower - super excited as I planted around 50 of them this year, with 100 ranunculus to follow up. Can't wait to have these beautiful, bright flowers all around the house in a few weeks. Right now I am having to make do with the daffodils and jonquils. yep. I'm suffering. after a walk around my garden, I couldn't wait to start drawing. The result was this anemone/windflower bouquet (these don't come out in my garden until summer), I love their shape. Another feather on this one, too - I am loving drawing these at the moment. would've liked to use blue/green tones for the leaves on this, but had to work with what I had - I am awaiting my final order of markers & when this arrives, I'll have all the colours (I think) I need. I have chosen more muted/pastel tones in this order as they seem to work best for the soft, watercolour look that I like.