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FAQ - E-book downloads

Thank you for purchasing one of my e-book titles. 

I hope you are going to love it!

Though downloading an e-book is generally a very straight-forward process and there are usually no issues, I have noticed that some questions crop up consistently so I thought that I would address them here to help you get the most from your purchase.

How does it work?
Once your purchase is complete you will be sent two emails - one confirming the payment has been processed and another from A Little Lime with the download link.

These emails will go to the email account that you used for payment - either your paypal email account, or the email indicated in the payment details if you used credit card.

Downloading to devices (tablets/phones)
I can only advise on what I use to download to the devices I have experience with - you may need to search for an app that works for your specific device:

IPAD - I use iBooks

ANDROID - I use File Manager (Cheetah) to manage files on Nexus 7 & Samsung Galaxy

My download link expired?
I'm hoping you read this before downloading the e-book so that we can avoid this happening :)

Please note: downloads are available for a limited timeframe - it is best to download and save your e-book as soon as you have made your purchase and receive the download email.

I recommend downloading the e-book to a PC prior to transferring to a device if possible - this way you have a backup copy and are able to readily transfer a copy of your book to your device.

If downloading directly to a device, please use an app that can open a PDF file. Please press the download button only once (particularly on iPAD) and give it time to work. If you keep pressing the download button, you will prematurely expire your download attempts.

If you have not managed to achieve one successful download from the 3 attempts allocated, please contact me with your purchase details so that we can resolve the issue.

Why three download attempts?
The three download attempts are to ensure that you achieve one successful download as sometimes it takes people one or two goes to get e-books correctly installed.

Can I put a copy of your e-book on my other devices?
Yes, you can put a copy of my e-book on your phone, tablet and PC - providing you own the device, are the purchaser of the e-book and it is for your personal use only.

How do I see the videos?

Several of my e-books contain videos and all of them use hyperlinks - in order to access these links you need to view the e-book on a device app that allows them to open. You may need to do an internet search for the appropriate app for your particular device, but if using an iPad, iBooks works well.

If viewing on a PC or mac you should have PDF reader software that will automatically open the e-book links when you click on them.

If you have printed out a copy of your e-book - please ensure that you save the digital version also - you will not be able to access any links or videos without the digital file.

Can I print out your e-book?
Yes, you have permission to print out one copy of the e-book you have purchased - for personal use only.

Note for teachers: I have no problems with your printed out "personal use" copy being used as a reference/resource in your classes as you would any book.

What happens if the memory is wiped on my device and I lose my e-book?
I thoroughly recommend creating a back-up copy of your e-book. This can be on a PC if you are using a hand-held device, or on a removable storage device.

Can I print out sections of your e-books to use as hand outs in my classes?
Sorry, but no. Please remember that my e-books (and all of my website content) is copyrighted material.

Sharing knowledge is a wonderful experience and I encourage you to learn the patterns or techniques that I share with you so you can then demonstrate and teach others. You may not print out any of the material from my books, website, etc. and give them to others as hand-outs.

Something went wrong, or I can't see an answer to my question and I need to contact you.......

Hopefully this answers your questions - I'll add to the page as more FAQ's crop up :)

I hope you have fun with your purchase!