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Hello! Welcome to the Digital Tangle Journals Help Video section. In these videos I am using an Ipad Pro and the Goodnotes App. If you are using a different device you may need to do an internet search for more information on how to perform the same tasks.

Please keep in mind that my first choice with regard to adding downloaded content to my Ipad - is to always download onto my desktop computer first, then send the items to my Ipad via airdrop, USB, iCloud or email as I find my iPad can be temperamental with regard downloading content. Also, a copy on your computer means there is always a backup!

If you have suggestions for further help videos please contact me and let me know. 


  1. Thanks very much for taking the time to make the 'How to add Procreate Artwork to Digital Journal' video. Very useful and informative. Cheers ... Robby


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