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Heartrope & rain

We made a start on our house reno last week with some repair work on the roof. Off came 1/4 of our tin roof and we got a good start on it. There was little chance of rain on Friday, Saturday and Sunday , so we only tarped up minimally to protect top floor. And..... OF rained on Friday and we had to quickly tarp up the rest. We ended up with a lot of leaks. Yesterday was fine and we got most of the work done but not everything. Again, the chance of rain was practically nil for Sunday, but we woke up to rain (again) this morning- so now we are waiting for it to clear enough to make a final push and get the job done (hopefully this afternoon).  So frustrating! We have been desperate for rain all Autumn with forecasts promising but not delivering so we became complacent. My neighbour is convinced that next time we're going through a dry spell we should just take our roof off again! 
So, my drawing - the outline for this design was in one of my old journals just wait…

Henna Drum inspiration

Happy Easter! We are having the most stunning Autumn weather. Endless blue skies and just the right temperature! Perfect for a long weekend and we are loving it.
This week I sorted through the piles of debris on my desk and looked through my most recent journals. I try to do this periodically as I often have half-formed drawings and ideas that for whatever reason I didn't proceed with at the time. I found quite a few gems that I'll be working on further - so fun!
This drawing was one of my discoveries which needed to be finished and shaded. The design is a riff on Jane MacKugler's Henna Drum pattern - I may have been working on it as a possible idea for the H instalment of my A-Z journal (my long, long, long term project.....hahaha) - I ended up going with Hepmee for whatever reason. iteration of Henna Drum veers off track with additional scrolls and the flowers have changed into daisies which are tucked into every possible crevice, the sneaky things! I real…

Well Well Who Tangle Pattern Experimentation

Some pattern play from this week:

Well Well Who going solo........
Then playing with others...........

And layered with the addition of some simple patterns. I prefer the plain versions, I think.
Have a great week! Me.........I am just trying to contain myself until Game of Thrones final season begins in a few days!!!!! hx

Hey there........SISTAR!

A quick one for today - this week I had some fun playing with the tangle pattern Sistar, here is my take on it :) Have a great weekend!