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What I've been Ratoon-ing

Hello, all!! Bet you're surprised to hear from me after 4 months of radio silence :)
Firstly, thank you to all of the people who took the time to send me a message checking in. I appreciate you!
Back in November John fractured his leg motorbike riding and, in between acting as his chauffeur and carer (read drink and food maker and carrier of ALL the STUFF), I also had to pick up the slack on the farm. A couple months later, he was well on the mend and, well, I just didn't feel like drawing. My lack of interest was partly due to the intensity of the prior months, but was also caused by some general disenchantment, I guess.
I've still been doing the creative thing.......mostly sewing (upcycling 2nd hand clothes) and designing/planning our house reno. We've waited almost 16 years to renovate the kitchen/bathroom/laundry end of our house and 2019 is going to be THE YEAR. Excited!!!
Yesterday the drawing gene awoke so I cruised around online to see if there had been any ne…