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A-Z Journal - H is for Hepmee

Time for the next instalment in my A-Z journal (no idea what I'm talking about? See A-G here). This project is turning into a very long-term one, but I'm enjoying the process of having it tick over in the back of my mind and when I find a pattern I'm ready to go.
It took me a while to decide on a pattern for "H". Hepmee caught my eye when I was working through my pattern file recently. I redid the sample tile for it and noticed that when I connected up the little webs they created a secondary floral pattern and you all know I can't resist a floral design!
Hepmee pattern was created by Carol Ohl, and you can find the step out here.
Here is my version. I've left the pattern section (web) plain and shaded the negative space "flowers" in order to make them stand out more.  It's such a simple pattern, but I really love how it turned out. Have a great day!

Olipze Tangle Pattern - How I would draw this VIDEO

Hey, all! Thank you very much for all the well-wishes - you're the best! I'm doing very well with my physio, I am walking 6km 5-6 times a week, have a new pillow and am on the search for a new mattress. I'm feeling really good.
Today I've got another "how I would draw this" video. This pattern, Olipze, came up in conversation on my Facebook page when I was on the hunt for challenging patterns. Olipze is created by Jody Genovese, and you can view the step out here.
I have to admit, I found this one pretty challenging as there is no starting grid or framework so the initial placement and spacing is guesswork. Once I got the basic pattern worked out I tried to create a "wonky" version and, was hard to do. I needed to create a framework of lines that were later erased and ended up drawing it on my ipad.
Here's the video showing the basic pattern:

Here's my "wonky" drawing: Have a great day!

Apacore and a tale of bad posture......

Hello! I can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks since my last post. First up, here's a drawing share - using the Apacore tangle pattern which was almost complete when I was forced to put a stop to my drawing activities - I finished it up yesterday. So, why the long break between posts? If you follow A Little Lime on Facebook you'll know I've been having some shoulder issues. If not, well, let me fill you in........
Since I was a kid, from time to time I have gotten a stiff neck and shoulder which I always put down to sleeping badly, but back in 2016 when I returned to study I spent too many hours in front of the computer doing online courses which probably would've been o.k. except for the fact that I spent that time sitting, likely twisted, with my legs crossed and chin in hand. After about 3 days I had a really stiff neck, and walked around like a robot for about a week. Since then I've had continual flare ups in my neck and shoulder, especially when I s…

Down the rabbit hole

Yep.....I've disappeared down the organisational rabbit hole.
Over the past week or so I've been curating my Pattern Reference Folder. You can read more about the system that I use here.
It's an ongoing project that will never be finished as I regularly organise, update, add and remove patterns. Generally when I do work on it, I only manage a few hours before I'm distracted by experimenting with one of the patterns.
The folder is set up in alphabetical order as this is what works best for me, using 2" pattern swatches. I add new patterns when I see one that interests me. Depending on the time I have, they are added in a variety of ways...... no time.....I just write the pattern title on a swatch and then slip it in the folder to go back and review at a later datea bit of time......a quick, rough sketch of the patternlots of time.....I go through the folder, starting at the first page and do the following:organise into strict alphabetical order (because......I'…