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PATTERN - Daisies make me Cross

Daisies really don't make me cross - I love them! I love ALL the daisies (please, no hating from the daisy partisans) - I just couldn't resist this pattern name :) hahaha.

I have finally, FINALLY finished updating the Pattern page, please check it out and let me know your thoughts. It should be a lot easier to navigate, but if you find any glitches or incorrect links, let me know (there's a LOT of links, so I wouldn't be surprised if I've messed up somewhere).

So, anyway, when I was working on the patterns, going through my files to organise thumbnails, etc., I found another 2/8's pattern variation that I stepped out in 2016 - it wasn't published to the blog at the time and I can't remember why. Maybe I decided it was a bit simple, or just forgot - but as I included it on the new, improved pattern page (mainly because I love its name......hahaha), I thought that I should post it here, too.
(or, as I like to call it - DMMC).

Here it is looking more delicate with an oversized cross framework:
I love how experimenting with a pattern spins off in different directions. When playing with the reverse idea of oversized flowers and tiny crosses, I became fascinated with the negative space that would be left if I allowed space for the crosses, but didn't include them. The end result was this drawing. No crosses, but the inception was from the base DMMC pattern. 
O.K., I'm done :)

Have a great day!