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PATTERN - Daisies make me Cross

Daisies really don't make me cross - I love them! I love ALL the daisies (please, no hating from the daisy partisans) - I just couldn't resist this pattern name :) hahaha.

I have finally, FINALLY finished updating the Pattern page, please check it out and let me know your thoughts. It should be a lot easier to navigate, but if you find any glitches or incorrect links, let me know (there's a LOT of links, so I wouldn't be surprised if I've messed up somewhere).

So, anyway, when I was working on the patterns, going through my files to organise thumbnails, etc., I found another 2/8's pattern variation that I stepped out in 2016 - it wasn't published to the blog at the time and I can't remember why. Maybe I decided it was a bit simple, or just forgot - but as I included it on the new, improved pattern page (mainly because I love its name......hahaha), I thought that I should post it here, too.
(or, as I like to call it - DMMC).

Here it is looking more delicate with an oversized cross framework:
I love how experimenting with a pattern spins off in different directions. When playing with the reverse idea of oversized flowers and tiny crosses, I became fascinated with the negative space that would be left if I allowed space for the crosses, but didn't include them. The end result was this drawing. No crosses, but the inception was from the base DMMC pattern. 
O.K., I'm done :)

Have a great day!


  1. Thanks, Helen, this is yet another seemingly easy pattern, but I am not fooled anymore. I have to try it out myself, because what comes easy to you, is not necessarily easy for me , e.g. String Roses. However, this definitely looks like a winner and I certainly will give it a go. That last drawing is superb, so real helenish!!! You are correct about what you said concerning experimenting with tangles and it may lead you off somewhere unexpectedly. That is what happened to me when I 'warmed up' for your A-Z E for Eddyper and ended up drawing something that looked like this huge Titan Arum flower. But that is exactly what we all like about tangles, we can always lead them off into something different or new.

    1. Hi Susie, thank you! I love what you did with your version of Eddyper. Beautiful!

      My favourite thing about patterns is that it leads me into different directions and even though I'll sometimes start on a project with a preconceived idea, the process of playing around will frequently completely alter the outcome. I love it! h

    2. Thanks so much for your comment her and on my page concerning my version of Eddyper. It was just perfect to combine it with that smelly flower which I sketched last year. I would have never thought of drawing it with Eddyper until your post. You asked for EBB:
      I saw your Ellish and wondered whether you might include it in your A-Z journal. This tangle is so complex, or can be so complex, I secretly call it 'Hellish'.

    3. Thanks, Susie. Eebs is a cute pattern, too. So many little time. Haha, I enjoy Ellish, but all those lines made it a bit too much like diva dance for me to do it right after. I'm working on my "F" instalment but it is not quite behaving how I want - my brain sees it one way, my hand draws it another!! h

  2. I love this! Thank you so much.

  3. What a lovely, simple daisy! Thanks for sharing!


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