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A-Z Journal - E is for Eddyper

The next instalment in my A-Z Journal - "Eddyper". I don't think I've ever drawn this pattern outside of my pattern file, so it was fun to have a play with it.
You can find the pattern step out for Eddyper on Tangle Patterns: here.
It's been a busy week on the farm with 3 baby calves born - Miss Jersey had her 5th calf, so I'll be back to daily milking again later on this week. 
And, for those who wanted to see my fringe - I'm not keen on taking photos of myself, but I have a bad phone selfie for you :)
The last time  had a fringe was back in the 90's and when my 28 year old son visited the other day the first thing he said to me was that I had "netball" hair. When my kids were younger I played a lot of competitive netball, had a fringe and always wore my hair up (still do!) It's funny what kids remember. So there you go, I now have 90's netball hair. hahahaha.
Have a great day!

A-Z Journal - D is for Diva Dance

Hey, all! Time for a new instalment to my A-Z journal - if you are following along with me, I estimate we will be finished in about 4 years at the current rate......hahahaha. 
Over the last few weeks I've been working on some website design work, along with  some improvements to this blog. I've changed a few things around and given the gallery page a bit of an overhaul (what do you think?) - still some more to do there, but it should look good now on smaller screens (I was having some problems with that). I'm now onto the patterns page - so keep an eye out for an update there soon, too. In other news.........I got my fringe cut for the first time in about 20 years.....pretty momentous for me - I'm still getting used to it!
Today I took some time out from the computer and did some drawing - yay! - it feels like it's been months since I've picked up my pens - here is the result:
Diva Dance is a real favourite of mine, I had fun experimenting with the shading on …