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A-Z Journal - C (for Crumpled Roses)

Hello all! What a crazy few months it's been. I've finally finished school, handed in my projects and went for the final assessment interview about 2 weeks ago. I've now got my Diploma of Graphic Design and have decided at this stage that going any further with it is not for me. I don't think I can bear to sit in a classroom for another 1-2 years. That said, I absolutely loved learning what I have over the past year and a half and plan to put it into good use on my own projects.

So, finally, finally, I have gotten around to a new instalment of my A-Z featuring the letter C for Crumpled Roses. "Crumpled Roses?" you say. Well, here's the thing - I tried to find an existing C pattern that worked for my journal, but it just wasn't happening for me, so I decided to make one up.

These "roses" remind me of the crushed paper flowers that I used to make when I was into paper crafting, hence the name.
To be honest, I'm not sur…