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Just some stuff......

It's taken me a few weeks to recover from the end of school semester frenzy of completing assessments, interviews, etc. I finished everything and now I'm super-happy that I have about 7 weeks left until I'm back at school again next year.

One of the final assessments that I worked on was a supergraphic design. I really love Justine Ashbee's organic style and was very inspired by her work for the project.

Since then I've found myself randomly doodling away in my journal in this style, it's very addictive with no formal beginning or end - the designs just evolve organically.

Here's a couple of recent pieces from my journal:
"Block" style with some basic shading.
Striping with a thread of red.
Have a great day! hx

VIDEO - Double 8's

I'm in the process of a working on a pattern project and happened to notice that I hadn't published this video to Youtube yet. Oops! Too much school work and too little time to keep track of what I've been doing!! At least I'm now done with school until February and can catch up with a few projects I've been wanting to do - both drawing a home related :)

I hope you enjoy it :)

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Have a great day! hx