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D is for daisy

and dandelion :)
I thought I'd have a play with a capital letter this time around.
I'm heading into the last part of the term with assessments due all over the place so things will be pretty quiet on the blog front over the next few weeks.
Happy drawing! hx

Unexpected twists

Often my drawings happen over a period of days (or weeks) - especially when I've got a lot of other commitments on the go. When I sat at my desk a couple of days ago, I found a drawing that I'd outlined in my journal - I had forgotten about it. These surprises are great as it means I can just continue with the work in progress, not much thought required.

Initially I thought about adding paisley fill to the shapes, but that idea bored me a bit, especially with so many shapes to fill, so I just started adding black sticky edges and kept going. The end result is a little different from my usual drawing and looks like someone got a little messy with the ink. Still a fun journey though. I love that.


Monday Monogram "a"

First up, I've started an Instagram account for A Little Lime - you can follow here: - I'm excited about being able to use this format for quick visual updates :)

Next.....of late I've found myself a little bored with what I've been drawing and not all that interested in all the effort involved in shading so it's time to get excited about playing with something new(ish) hence Monday Monogram - I'm not known for my long attention span, so I'm interested to see how far I can take this :)

The lead up to this was a typography unit I've been doing at school, I'm loving it - it's all digital and so much fun.

Anyway this ignited my enjoyment of playing with fonts, creative lettering and drawing flowers. For me, there's nothing like creating with real pen and paper so on with the decorated monograms. The intricate, precise detail is appealing to me at the moment - it means I can be creative, but within a framew…

Flux & swirls

I've had this drawing sitting on my desk for a while and have been doing a bit here and there when I could. I finally finished it up today.
I started in the centre with some scroll-y Flux shapes then worked out from there. I had to laugh at myself when I looked at my final scan just now because I noticed that I started off shading in cool grey, then today I've must have picked up warm greys to finish off. We're just going to have to pretend that it's intentional and that the "warm" part of the design is reflecting a bit of sunlight or something - I won't tell anyone if you won't ;)

Have an amazing weekend! Mine will be busy with lots of homework. hx

To be or not to be.......

I've been making an effort to tidy up all my image folders of late and today I tackled my "stamp" folders. I used to design for a stamp company, which basically meant creating a whole heap of designs and sending them off - they would then choose which images they wanted. Inevitably my least favourites would be picked and the ones I loved wouldn't. Sigh. I haven't done it for a few years now - far more satisfying to draw what I want for my own enjoyment.

So, here are a few of my favourite "rejects". Due to the process involved in creating the stamps, they're fairly minimalist outline drawings with no shading.
Hope your day is wonderful! hx

Heart Offset - VIDEO

Now that I'm back in my studio I can make inroads on the patterns that don't have videos yet. This week = Heart Offset.

I really like how this pattern comes out when the fill is added to alternate hearts creating a zigzag effect. In this video I am adding the fill with a marker and, although I haven't done it here (except on the first shape) I usually create a thicker outline with fine liner before adding the fill so it doesn't bleed.

You can find the pattern step-out here. Enjoy!

Please note that if you're reading this post via email you will need to visit the website to view the video. hx

India Map - Downloadable Colouring Pages

Wow, I was surprised at the response to my India maps posted yesterday - I loved hearing everyone's feedback and opinions. Thank you for taking the time to post a message or send me an email.

I also had a few people wanting to colour in these images - such a fun idea! I wouldn't mind giving it a go myself when I have time :)

O.k., so I'm going to try something here that I'm not sure will even work - I'm adding some links where you can download the India map images to use as a colouring page.

Here goes........fingers crossed it works!

India Map #1 image
India Map #2 image

I'd love to see what you come up with!

Feel free to print out, colour these in and share on your blogs, etc., if you would like to do so. Personal use only, please - check out my Terms of Use page for information regarding use of my drawings.

For those of you who like hearing updates on the farm, I recently put a pretty comprehensive post on the bee garden up on the farm blog - www.hoddlescreekfa…

India map

Going back through some old drawings I found these maps of India that were commissioned for a project in 2014. I can't remember which one I liked better in the end. What do you think? Which one do you prefer?