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Challenge #265 - Stripes

I been doing lots of drawings with an organic feel of late so it was fun to do something with straight lines for the diva challenge "Stripes". I've dubbed this one "Organ Pipes".
One of my favourites from a previous incarnation of the Stripes challenge was my drawing "Pick up Sticks" this was back in 2012 - wow, time flies, right? You can check out my previous challenge drawings here (all 76 of them!)
Have a great weekend! hx

Water Lily Swirl

A quick(ish) drawing from this weekend - the flowers are water lilies (though one of them wants to be an artichoke when it grows up :), and the leaves are nothing like water lily leaves. The best thing about drawing - you can do whatever you want :)

I've found of late that I don't have a lot of patience to invest in serious shading, so I've been keeping it pretty simple with minimal layers. This one has a bit of pen shading and then a quick go over with a 3b pencil and tortillon. 
John decided this morning to come out and surprise me with some picture taking whilst I was milking. Here's me and Miss Jersey having a "thank you for the milk" kiss.

Don't you love my "roll out of bed and do the milking" hair? hahaha :)
Have a great day! hx

Compass Daisies - Step Out & Quick Draw Video

Here's a step out for the Compass Daisies that I shared last week.  Pattern Notes: * The first two steps are done in pencil - erase the lines at the end. * Add more circles/layers for more complex daisies. * Click on the pattern above to enlarge it.
This week I've spent some time grappling with my newly downloaded video editing program - it's great and I can do more precision edits, but it's been a pretty steep learning curve.

And, of course, whilst looking into online courses on this program I got diverted by another one on a related animation program. I was so into it I spent about 4 days watching tutorials and making notes and ended up straining my neck and shoulder muscles from the way I was sitting. I had to take a break for a few days as it got to the point where I could barely move without triggering muscle spasms and I was walking around like a robot. My husband thinks that it is hysterical that I injured myself studying. So, now, a replacement desk chair and …

Challenge #262 - Fassett

When I saw that this week's Diva UMT challenge was Fassett..........yay! I've been wanting to play with this tangle for a while - so this was my big chance.

If you've been following along for a while, you'll know that I love, love string and though I haven't drawn with it so much lately my love has remained constant and so it found it's way into my design.

My idea was for the pattern to look a little like a clinging spider web. It has very basic, single layer shading with my favourite 3B pencil to finish off.
Last week after posting my compass daisies, I recorded some footage for a quick-draw video, then rather than use my trusty old iMovie app, I decided to teach myself how to use a new program that I'd just downloaded - well, since then I've clocked in about 20 hours of online training learning the software, because, you know, just having the basics isn't enough for me - I have to learn it ALL!!!! I'm almost through, then I'll finally, fin…

Compass Daisies

I'm on term break. Yay! My assignments are up to date and I've got another (almost) 2 weeks left till I'm due back in class.

And, if you think you can handle it, there's more exciting news........I'm back in my upstairs studio! I've missed it so much and it's wonderful to be back in my own space instead of sharing our little study with John. This room has wonderful light and I can finally get out my video gear again :)

So, last week. Since I had all this amazing free school holiday time on my hands I cleaned my desk, sharpened my pencils, got out my drawing journal ............ and............ nothing. No amazing drawings (or ideas) appeared spontaneously like they're supposed to. So, I had to do it the hard way and spent a few days doing some average warm up drawings until I came up with something I wanted to see through. Here it is, Compass Daisies:

Basic in concept, consuming in time, but fun nonetheless and I love how they turned out. I hope you'…