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Visions of nets.......

The other day I was driving along in the car when the drawing of an open/contracted net popped into my they do......perfectly normal, right? Okay......moving right along. So, I wanted to try this idea and ended up with something quite different from what I'd imagined, but I like how it turned out.
Just for fun......and to use some of my colour makers before they all end up drying out. Have a great weekend! hx

Pattern play

I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted! I've been spending my days getting the garden prepared for winter, making compost piles, picking or preserving the last of the harvest.

We've got group of PDC (Permaculture) students coming to see the property at the end of May as part of their course and we have had a long list of stuff to get done before then also, so, yep, it's been busy - as usual!

The weather has turned very cold this week with a heap of rain, and though it is sunny today and I probably should be out in the garden getting the last of the jobs done, it's still really cold and I just couldn't be bothered. So instead I found myself playing around with this design that was scribbled on some scrap paper. No idea what the inspiration for it was as it's been there for ages so it may be an existing pattern that I wanted to try, or a new idea. Regardless, I had fun playing around with it. I really like the twisting affect that …