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Tumbleweed PATTERN - grid version

A while back I did a post showing a technique using some dots - and it was dubbed "tumbleweed" by several readers (I had mentioned tumbleweeds in my post). So, since it's a great name that works with the pattern AND I'm a very lazy pattern-namer, I've just gone with it.

I played around recently with putting this pattern into a grid - the dots in the original were a device to help randomise the pattern so they're not needed in the grid version, but you could try it that way if it works better for you :)

It's got a bit of a curvy "Steps" feel without the central line.


  1. hey, I remember that original post, and played with your tumbleweed pattern quite a bit. I have a few pages in an old sketchbook filled with it. Fun pattern! it looks good on a grid, too.

  2. I like it. I am going to have to play around with it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like this tangelation of Tumbleweed. I will have to play with it for a while to "get it" but I know I will figure it out! Thanks, as always.

  4. LOVE your work! Thanks for sharing and please keep it coming!

  5. Love your work , Helen. I'll enjoy this one too. Thank you

  6. I'm eye isn't picking up how to get from the second step to the third...can you help?

    1. Hi! You just keep adding lines as in step 2. When they are interrupted by an existing line, just lift the pen and move on to the next line. This is what creates the (sort of) star shapes at the centres of the spirals. Hope that helps :) Helen

  7. I am not seeing the tumbleweed, but as I was attempting to keep the swirls going in a graceful manner, I was thinking ski run. Then as the bulges grew more pronounced, I was thinking Kim K. Not a fan of hers, but it seemed to fit, at least my attempt did.

  8. I have learned a lot from your e-book "Light and Shadow". It has been very instrumental in my understanding of how-to shadow my art work. Thanks. I also enjoy your tangles. My work is more on the organic side of tangling, and I get great pleasure from using your tangles. Thanks again. Jaki Ayton, Fanny Bay, BC, Canada


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