Challenge #186 - Leaf String

This week's diva challenge was to use leaf shapes as a string - as I don't really do strings, I've just used leaf shapes instead :)

When I saw that leaves were the theme this week, one of my favourite earlier leaf designs popped into my head - I still really love it and incorporated similar ideas on this piece.

Really love the how the aquafluer worked across the leaf shape.......requires more intense investigative research I think!

I'm having a bit of a string renaissance of late, also, it's appearing on most of my journal pages :)

Have a good one!



playing with patterns

Thanks for all your well-wishes everyone :) I am still working my way through this flu bug and lost my voice this week - I am much better and can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it's slow going.

It also hasn't left me with a whole heap of motivation or inspiration, so rather than doing nothing, I've been keeping myself busy with an easy project - working on an updated version of my Pattern Folio for 2014 which includes the patterns posted on the blog this year (so, this is a very early advanced "heads up": it will go out in December to email subscribers - if you'd like to receive a copy you'll need to be subscribed to the blog feed by email by 1st December - it will not be going out retrospectively as I discovered last year, it's just too much work to do it that way).

Anyway, as I was going through the patterns I noticed that I didn't have samples for a couple of them and decided to have a play.

Olb (click to see pattern details)

Similar to some others I've done, I find it's a good strategy for me to stick with something I know works when I can't think of a new idea - at least it gets me drawing which often leads to new ideas anyway. I particularly like the "stem" ends on the end of the "olbs" and would like to play more with the idea.

Heart Box (click to see pattern details)

A simple scroll design :)

Unless I put together any more patterns before December, I'm pretty much done with the folio now, which for me is an amazing feat to be prepared so far in advance! Love that!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend :)



Challenge #185 - phicops/diva dance

This weeks diva challenge  : to use phicops and diva dance - love both these tangles......individually .....together it was a bit of a stretch for me to come up with something, especially at the very slow pace my brain is working at the moment.

In any case, here it is, wobbly lines and all:

The proportions are a bit out, but, as I mentioned in my previous post - I'm just glad to be drawing again!



a miracle!

Firstly - thank you all so much for the fabulous response to my new e-book Light and Shadow - I have been thrilled and hope that, if you've purchased, you are enjoying it and that it is helping with your shading - if you haven't I hope you'll check it out. I'm really proud of how this new book turned out :)

Now, onto the miracle: today I drew something! Not a big deal, right? Well, let me tell you about my last 4 weeks.

Firstly, the day I completed Light and Shadow and posted it on the blog, one of our sheep had triplets, which, of course, was wonderful, but one of the new lambs just couldn't keep up and, by Saturday, ended up at our place in front of the fire being bottle fed. This is our first year having lambs, and, as this one now considered me it's mum and wanted me in sight all the time I had a crash course in how much work is involved in being a lamb foster-mum.

The lamb is now back in the paddock with the herd, though he still has his three feeds a day......I am very much looking forward to starting the weaning process next week.

My husband, John, calls him Lieutenant Lamb.

O.k., so once I got the bottle feeding under control - took about a week - I thought I'd finally be able to get onto other things I had planned, but, nope...........instead I got sick with the flu. Really sick. This was a big shock to me as I just don't get sick. Everyone around me will have colds and the flu and I.....just.........don't. I laugh in the face of the flu! Well, o.k., not anymore, now I cower in terror.

Whatever I had sent me to bed for 3 days, then, when I was finally starting to feel normal after a week, I got a second dose and was barely able to stay awake through the day, I needed naps and was in bed by 6.30 at night. Just so exhausted, coughing all the time, etc, etc. Finally, finally over the last couple of days I have began to feel quasi normal. It's true that I still cannot say a sentence without coughing - John asked me yesterday if I was sick of coughing because he was sick of hearing it........cheeky, cheeky boy.........I think I'm going to record myself coughing and make it his ringtone - technology baffles him a bit and he'll never figure out how to get rid of it. LOL.

So, anyway, today, I drew something.

It's not something great........there's some pretty wonky lines in there, but after how I've been feeling for the past 3 weeks, I'm pretty happy to get ANYTHING done that doesn't involve being prone.

Here's one that was sitting on my desk from the days before the great flu of 2014 and Lieutenant Lamb. The outline is one that I did much earlier in the year for another project - I wanted to play with just shading the central area of the design.

I hope the last month has been considerably better for you guys!