Lola butterfly

So all good intentions to draw over the holidays went out the window. Things have been happening, primarily life and just getting stuff done before Winter kicks in. (If farm life bores you just scroll, scroll, scroll down to the end of the post to see the drawing :)

So, what's been on?

Permaculture classes & open days and the biggest compost heap known to man. Okay, maybe not to man, but surely Hoddles Creek. LOL. Erin and I built a massive 10 metre long  x 1.5 metre wide heap almost as tall as we are which is happily composting away getting ready for the Spring plant-a-palooza.

Weaning and halter training this girl so that she can follow in her mum's footsteps and become a house cow. This way we can sell on to a loving home rather than heading to the freezer (it's hard not to get more attached to the Jersey's calves - we handle them so much more, it's nice to have a better option available for the girls). I'm calling her "Honey".

What's the name of the shampoo you're using? Smells good, but makes you look seriously old. Let's just call it bad lighting.

Dropping the Jersey down to once a day milking - it's the first time we've tried this when we haven't been drying her up, and, I have to say, so far, we're loving it. Less work/more milk. She is not a good calf/milk sharer.

Bottling (over and over and over again) these - I had 26 tomatoes plants this year - that's a whole lotta salsa, pasta sauce, tomato sauce and chopped tomatoes. My aim is to have a years worth stocked up - I've still got a few more batches to go, so it'll be interesting to see how we went by this time next year.

Restructuring the flower garden - the last few summers have been so hot that quite a bit of my front feature garden just can't cope - I've also been far more focussed on the veggie garden, so there is an element of neglect, too. The hydrangeas have to be moved as they're just getting fried, so I am turning the whole thing into a perennial border over the next week or so.

 This tree is in the process of being cut down to make way for my new potager/kitchen garden - I have some exciting plans for it and can't wait to get the rest of the tree out the way and the cardboard down for the no-dig beds.

This new garden will just evolve out from the area at the side of the shed where the tree is, starting with some espalier oranges and moving out as I fill it. The entire area runs from this shed down to behind the cubby house in the pic above, maybe half the size of a small house block, so it's kind of massive and daunting.

Now, to the drawing................

In my last post (back in the dark ages), I played with Sandy Hunter's lovely new pattern Lola. I had a lot of butterfly envy going on after seeing Sandy's samples and drew this one the very next day, but, as you can see, life got in the way of me posting it right away. Here it is:

In a bit of other news, my e-book, Flips Folds Ribbon and String was featured in the review section of Paper Creations Summer 2014 issue - my book is their first ever e-book review - very exciting!

Hope your week(s) have been wonderful and productive, too.




Have you seen Sandy Hunter's gorgeous new pattern, Lola? Love, love.

I was thrilled when Sandy asked me to experiment with Lola before the reveal on her blog, so exciting!

I managed to squeeze in some Lola play during the craziness that has been my life over the past few weeks. Here's my favourite:

Yep, you guessed it - a feather. hahaha. Can't help myself. Lola has great flow and works perfectly for this. I can see it in a stack of future swirly drawings.

To see all of Sandy's wonderful samples (I adore the butterfly versions and frankly, am incredibly jealous that I didn't think of using Lola that way myself!!!), a few more small ones from me, plus (most importantly) a step out of how to draw Lola visit the blog post here.

While you're there, take some time to have a good look around at Sandy's amazing work. I am in awe of her tangle remixes!

Hope the remainder of your week is fabulous - I have a sketched idea for this week's challenge  along with a deadline piece that I have to complete by tomorrow night (gulp). The clock is ticking - I guess I'd better work on that deadline first, huh?

Also, thank you so much for the comments on my challenge drawing last week - I feel awful that I just have not been able to get around and comment on other people's work for a while. Things should be (almost) back to normal again soon.



challenge #162 - Initial String

A whole day at home for the first time in about 2 weeks. So, so good. I have another busy few days then should finally be able to take a break and enjoy some of the school holidays. Hopefully with lots of drawing :)

This week's challenge is to use your initials as a string.  I checked out the challenge Tuesday morning and made a quick sketch on a bit of scrap paper (along with some notes for a garage sale) I liked it but didn't have time to expand on the idea:

Today I did :)

Here's where I started (I took some artistic licence with the "w" to fit my idea):

"in progress" pic:

My mum, Ann, is on my mind a lot right now - this is her "A":

Hope your weekend is wonderful - mine is going to be crazy!