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LIGHT AND SHADOW - my new E-book available Now!

So, so excited!

It's here! It's here! My new e-book Light and Shadow is finally done and ready to go! I hope you're excited, too!! This one has been a lot of work, and, as I couldn't stop talking about shading, it ended up 30+ pages longer than Flips and Folds!
Along with a dose of terror that it's finally being released, I have to say I'm super-happy with  how it has turned out and hope that you are going to love it!
If you just want to race ahead and purchase it without going any further (you know you want to!!), go right ahead and click the "Add to Cart" button to go to the shopping cart.

Otherwise, I've got a little intro video for you to check out - straight from my messy little studio upstairs (sadly, no kittens this time!). As e-books can be a bit of an unknown factor I wanted to give you an overview of Light and Shadow so that you are able to make an informed decision of whether you think it will be the right book for you.
Here's the video…

rule #1 - know when to stop

It feels like so,so long since I've participated in a weekly challenge, and, let's face it - I'm basically procrastinating - using any excuse not to do what I really should be doing...........

So for today's exercise in avoidance, I took up the gauntlet and ran with this weeks challenge - a UMT (love those!) - MacDee.

I was a little (a lot) too enthusiastic and really should have stopped at either just doing the flower, or the paper roll, but I just couldn't say no to one more little bit of plaid. Sigh.

Here's the over-patterned result.

Now, no choice but to get back to work!

Have a good one :)

The eagle has landed

Following on from the previous blog post................ the mail has been sent!
If you are a confirmed subscriber (unfortunately there were a few emails that hadn't completed the process and I could not send to unconfirmed subscriptions), you should have received the Aquafleur Rose Mini Workshop in your inbox today.

Hope you enjoy it!

Now, back to work on the videos for the new e-book! Have a great day!

New e-book cover and something fun!

It feels like so long since I've blogged that I've forgotten how to do it! Where's my witty repartee? My funny one liners? My engaging conversational style? Oh, right, I didn't have any of that, I guess this is normal.

The last couple of months have been crazy, yes, it's always busy around here, but recently - I just can't keep up. I feel like as my kids get older and leave home (we've only got one at home now) that life should be slowing down, but instead it has gone into hyperdrive and does not look like stopping anytime soon.

So, first up. I've finished editing my new e-book "Light and Shadow". I'm now onto the video-ing portion of the project, so estimate I'll be ready to have it available on the blog within about 2 weeks.

Because of the long break in the middle of the project whilst I finished up my PDC assignments I feel like this one has dragged on and on and on - but it was good to look at it again wit…