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New book on the way & some dots.....

Have you noticed the tumbleweeds rolling around on the blog over the past month or so? There's a reason! I promise! I've been working on my next book. Ta Da! :)

So, here's where I'm at with it.......the majority of editing is done on the text, but I still have a cover, videos and hyperlinks, maybe some more pics ('cause when is enough ever really enough?) and of course, several more (or 100 obsessive) read-throughs to get done. I also want to do a bit of fun stuff on the blog before setting my baby loose into the wide world.

I'm super-excited, but................for the next 4 weeks I have to buckle down and complete my final assignments/presentation for my Permaculture Design Certificate which I have been sadly neglecting. That means the book stuff is on hold till my project is done.

So, I'm thinking taking all this into account, that I'm about 6 weeks off release. That's not all that long is it?

O.k., now for something I've been having a play …