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Organising tangle patterns using Evernote

I had a few requests for a bit more information on how I use Evernote to organise my patterns. You can find the original post here. Now, keeping in mind that I'm probably not utilising Evernote to it's full capacity, here's a quick video showing what I'm doing with it.

 Hopefully you find it useful :)


Challenge #168 - Rain

Rain, what a cute, simple pattern - I don't think I've ever drawn with it except to slap it into my pattern journal, so this week's diva challenge was my big chance!

Here's what I've come up with:

It's probably pretty obvious that Rain made me think of string:

I love the way that, with a few simple adjustments, it's easy to make it appear to be twining around something.

Hope your weekend is fabulous!

Pattern Organisation

I love organising stuff. Any kind of stuff. Again, again and over again. Who knows why? I just do it.

Over the last few months, very on and off - I've been organising my tangle patterns (yes, again!) - I've done a couple of posts in the past, about the system I use -  you can read about it in this post,  (it's Sandy Hunter/Tanglebucket, super-tangler's, very cool organisation idea).

So, anyway, when I initially drew out the patterns, I did them pretty quickly and without a lot attention to detail, just to get them done. Now I'm going back and tidying up or redoing the little tiles. I'm also being a little more selective with the patterns that I'm including as there's just some that I'll never use.

I really enjoy drawing out patterns when I'm not inspired to do anything else - it makes me feel productive and often flexes the creative muscles so that I end up drawing something in my journal anyway! Not today, though :)

The other thing that I'm…

DuoTangle Well & Punzel

A super-quickie for the Diva Challenge this week. Floral-esque, of course :)

This is my freehand version of Well (check under the patterns tab for a step out).

My Punzel was pared back to Chainging to make the rose leaf (which I just realised! LOL).

School tomorrow, then a stack of gardening over the weekend.

Have a good one!


aquafleur rose Last week I sat down to put together something for the diva's weekly challenge, and as soon as I started drawing circles with interconnecting lines......I veered of onto tubes and cones. Love, love, love drawing these.

You can see my in progress pieces on the A Little Lime Facebook Page (some connected tubes, which I finished but didn't love), and this rose, which is a little odd (I think) with the juxtaposition of the surrealistic stacked cone centre and the flowing aquafleur petals. But, I like it. I do love squeezing in a bit of aquafluer wherever I can!

It really needs a stem and a leaf or two to ground it, but, after I was done with the shading I just didn't want to work on it anymore! LOL.
I am in the middle of a heap of gardening (yes, still). We are having a fabulous week weather-wise and now that the tree is down and the wood stacked (finally finished the last 3 hours of that this morning!), I can lay down my sheet mulch and build a coupl…

Journal wrap up

If you've been visiting for a while you'll know that I generally like to take a bit of a tour through my journals when I finish them and see if I've got any interesting bits and pieces to share.

I wrapped up my latest journal a few weeks ago, and as I was cleaning up my room today (because I had to make space for the ridiculously huge drafting table that I bought off ebay this weekend!!!), I had a quick flick through the journal and there wasn't really all that much there - I've had a dismal drawing period over the past couple of months where I was so busy, feeling flat and really not all that inspired. When I could be bothered drawing at all, I tended to start things and not be interested in following through, hence there were a number of half-baked pieces that, honestly, aren't worth completing.

Here's what I salvaged from the debris. LOL.

A bit of Rixty play - I should go and have a look at the challenge pieces for this one as I bet others have done some…

Challenge #165 - Camelia

I love the Diva UMT Challenges - so much fun to play around with a pattern that I've not experimented with before.

This week it was Camelia by one of my fellow Aussies, Anne Marks. I had a lot of fun with it :)

First of all I went off grid and created intersecting shapes.

Then (kind of) on grid (I haven't cut off the scan, I ran out of page so just drew it like this :) LOL.

What I really love about pattern experimentation is the "what if" factor - my brain often goes off on a tangent (and not just when I'm am positive my brain works on a different wave length than everyone else's - precariously balanced between creative and completely crazy......hopefully falling more on the creative side, but, you know, my husband would probably put up a good argument for the "crazy"). Hahaha. Anyway, when I'm drawing a pattern, I often start to think about what would happen if I did ..............??????? The results are often pretty st…