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leaves and mooka

I have 15 minutes before I leave for school, so coffee in hand, I am attempting to express-post!

I didn't feel very inspired to draw anything but patterns over the weekend, clearly I was missing a muse. Luckily I found one yesterday whilst I was changing my bed.......yep........the new quilt cover (in shades of green + white, of course) that I bought about 6 months ago and finally opened up now that the warmer weather is here - *love*. My muse for the day.

The drawing - loved playing with shades of grey/green for this one. And also adding my best friend - mooka!
Playing with colours to get the right mix. I went with the silver green/grey for the back leaf (frosted leaf/warm grey 1) and warmer greens for the front (pastel beige/khaki with touches of moss). Plenty of blender, too.

I drew my leave freehand, but when I looked at them afterwards I realised they could easily be broken down and drawn using the same steps as Verdigoh  (an original Zentangle pattern). Just keep it a bit looser. I have drawn out an example below.
Wow, lots more to say, but it's time to get ready - I might have to do another post tonight :)