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gum flowers

I love drawing gumflowers, especially red ones! I wanted to revisit a drawing that I did some time ago (I've used part of it on my blog banner, you can see the whole image in my gallery), changing up the layout of the flowers, etc, a little bit. I also found inspiration in this super-sized gumflower (it's about 8") that I had drawn a few months ago:

The circles all over the flower represent the hundreds of tiny pollen dots on real gum flowers. My final picture used ideas from both. I went with Cruffle for the pollen dots, and made them huge. The botanical name has been added digitally, because my writing is terrible :) I am also loving using Finery - it is in a lot of my recent drawings - super versatile for adding shape to leaves, cones, etc.

The stylised screws on this picture are really easy to do - it's all about the shading. Here's a quick step-out on how I go about drawing them.