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Diva Challenge #86 - Break Free

I stayed up last night to check out this week's diva challenge before I went to bed (it comes up around 11pm my time). The challenge is to break free of the edges of your border/string, etc, and since I am a naughty, undisciplined, unrestrained person who never starts with a border, and very rarely a string I decided I needed to think about it for a little bit, so headed off to bed to read. About half an hour later, it came to me that I should take the challenge very literally and, well, draw a box and have my design pushing out of it. Fortunately, I found a pencil in my bedside cupboard so that I could scribble down the idea, and didn't have to drag myself out of bed - 'cause, you know, that wasn't going to happen, we are just out of winter and it's still pretty cold of a night here. I stuck with daisies, because........I LOVE them :) I am still also feeling the mooka from the challenge a few weeks ago - just love the flowy, viney look of it.

As I've been working on this post, I've had another idea for this challenge & don't know whether to go with that, or back to the piece I was working on last night that I am pretty excited about.......the agony of indecision! Luckily I am not working this week and may be able to do both!