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diva challenge #85 - Copada

This weeks challenge was to use the tangle copada, my response was to use it in a banksia design. Banksias are an Australian native, when the flower head turns into a seed pod, the result quite a big, woody pod which has "mouth" shapes all over it where the seeds have been expelled. I have used copada by flipping and stacking each row to create the mouths of the banksia seed pod, with a little bit of shing, sort-of, in the leaves, too. This design shows the flower and pod along with some pretty large, wild leaves! Depending on the type of banksia the leaf sizes vary, but the yellow banksias that I am familiar with have a profusion of large, long leaves (though maybe not quite as big as mine!) Happy with the concept of this design, if not loving the execution - probably due to the dull colour range. The flower/pod are shaded with grey first with some yellow added and I think this contributed to it feeling a little insipid. Ah well, I know for next time.

Can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to with this one.