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mooka v assunta diva challenge #83 - wild violets

after playing around adding a new post to my blog tonight, before I headed to bed - I clicked onto the diva challenge to check out if there were any more entries from last week's challenge and "surprise" the new challenge was up. As I'm in Australia I don't normally get to see these until Tuesday, and then with work, etc, don't get to have a play until Wednesday or Friday. As soon as I saw these two challenge patterns I thought of violets in the grass - and, because it usually takes a while for an idea to pop, I decided to just go with it. hopefully I'll get to experiment a bit more a little later in the week - I love mooka, but haven't had much of a chance to play with it yet.

so, at 11.59pm Monday, Melb time, I have finally done a Monday challenge... hx