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Diva Challenge #84 - Blind String - "Pods"

What strikes fear into the heart of control freak like me? Has me waking up in a cold sweat? Well, I'll tell you.........having to cede control (well most of it), by closing my eyes and drawing a string, THEN figuring out what to do with it! Hmmmm....this is not how I normally operate.......I thrive on preconceived ideas, and this challenge turned that on its head. So, I closed my eyes, and tried to stick with organic, flowy motions (sharp corners are not my friend). Unlike some of the amazing strings/results that I have seen from this challenge, I kept my string continuous and fairly abbreviated (yup, I was running scared). I worked on one piece (which I am still yet to colour/shade and will upload later), but before completing that, I was compelled to switch gears and go in a different direction (o.k.,I did scan and print out a couple of copies of my string - did I mention ...... control freak...). I started with some cones (I LOVE, LOVE drawing cones) and went from there. I really love the tangle rich pieces that Simone Bischoff does and wanted to try the style. So much more intense than what I normally do, and I really enjoyed working on it, but do not think I could do it again in a hurry - the fine detail work - my brain (and eyes) can't take it. I also reverted back to shading with greylead for this one, but should have stuck with the markers - they are much easier - the cleanup from smudging.....aaack!