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Challenge 81 - zendala

This weeks diva challenge was......well.....challenging for me. I have seen zendalas before and admired the work and control that goes into them - but, as control is a hard thing for me I think this will probably be my one and only. I need the backup of being able to create a scroll or something else if one of my lines goes skewiff - and believe me - many, many of my lines have a tendancy to do just that - it is as if my hand has a mind of its own, there I am with a plan, pen ready to go, and my hand will not co-operate. What is that? So, the challenge. I LOVE flowers, and a lot of my drawings are of flowers, so I wanted to draw....yep, you guessed! It took an intense staring showdown between me and the zendala string for the daisies to give it up, but they eventually revealed themselves - the result is a pretty simple and easy pattern. The bonus was that I got to colour it with some of the new promarker colours that I got last week.

This probably could've done with a little shading at the base of the petals, but I wanted the petals to be very white, so left it.