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The 2017 Pattern Folio is a collection of patterns posted to A Little Lime from 2012 - 2017 and includes 53 pattern step outs, video links, tips and drawing inspiration. 

the 2017 Pattern Folio is available now
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  • 61 pages
  • patterns published on the blog from 2012-2017
  • interactive pattern index
  •  53 pattern step outs
  • video links
  • tips and drawing inspiration

Purchase the 2017 Pattern Folio by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button above - this will open up the shopping cart, select "Check out with Paypal" - you will then have the option of paying with either a Paypal Account, or credit card.

Special Offer  - purchase 2 or more of my e-book titles  and I will send you the 2017 Pattern Folio for free. Please forward your transaction receipt to me and I will email the Pattern Folio to you. **Please note: only valid for transactions processed after 15th February, 2018**


  1. I just got your new pattern folio. I have problems in the past and wasn't able to get the others so I am glad to get it all together. I will print it out so I have a hard copy too. Thanks for all you do. I know how busy you are and it means a lot that you take time for us! I always look forward to seeing A Little Lime in my inbox! Thanks again.
    Barb B. CZT

    1. Hi Barb,

      Fantastic! Thank you :) I'm glad you have a full copy now :) Thanks for your support! Helen

  2. My Ebook is printing now yay!!! I purchased this one and your flips, folds and ribbon 😊 I'm very excited to start devouring these lol. Right now we are in a snow storm (Canada) and this is the perfect thing when you are all warm and toasty inside.

    I have been studying Zentangles for awhile now and I have never found an artist that does as beautiful work as you. Your tangels and much more than just tangels they tell a story and I can look at them for hours. Now I will spend many more happy hours creating them.

    Thank you for making this available to us,
    Michelle 💐

    1. Hi Michelle. Thank you for your lovely comments - happy day!

      I hope you have a lot of fun with the books :) Your current weather is perfect for drawing. We are in the middle of summer and though it has not been as hot as usual this year, still not the greatest weather for labouring over my journal.

      Have a great day :) h

  3. That's great ! I received your pattern folio and I'm glad to posess it.
    I always admire your art. Wished you lived in my country (the Netherlands) to meet you !

  4. Hie. I want to buy your books. But I don't have any online payment option. How can I get access to your resources. You can email me at to let me know about other hard cash options if you have.

  5. I ordered this e-book today and I am happy with it. Very detailed and not too difficult to draw. Since I'm a retired senior and a beginner this is great and inspiring . Thank you!!!

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