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This one was done a few weeks ago it's my take on Q-MI by Damy Teng

The baby animal season has started with twinnie lambs born yesterday. I am keeping my eye on them as their mum has only one working teat. Last year she managed to feed both her lambs, but the year before I had to bottle feed one of them. She is a great mum though and so far it is looking good.

I'm pretty sure the other ewe is going to have twins too - she is huge and I am expecting more lambies any day now.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Thank you for sharing a bit of your wonderful farm life with us!

  2. My minister and his family have goats, and the two nannies each gave birth to twins a few weeks ago. The kids are so cute! Mutual friends of ours live just a mile from Mr. W. and his family, and those friends bought five lambs this month, and again, all those babies are so cute, and it's fun to just watch them play :-)

    1. Baby goats and lambs are just adorable. So full of energy. I love watching them race around the paddocks :) h


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