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Design Evolution: Taiga to Trees

I've had a productive week - probably because the weather is so cold and I don't want to venture very far from the heater.

This week I experimented with the Taiga tangle by Tomas Padros - the basic pattern looks a bit like trees and my final drawing embraced that idea.

Taiga Trees - digital drawing (procreate):
I thought I'd show you some scans from my sketch journal showing the Design Evolution from pattern to final drawing. I start by familiarising myself with the basic pattern and then played around with a few ideas. Sometimes this process goes nowhere except for learning how to draw the pattern, other times a design idea emerges. 

Though these sketches devolve through the process rather than become more refined, for me it's more about following threads and developing ideas for a final drawing. The end result is an amalgamation of the ideas from last 2 sketches and then, of course, the drawing evolves a little more as I'm actually creating it.
Have a great day!


  1. Loved seeing your workings - getting to know it then bend it, quite literally, to your will. You've really accentuated the treeness of it, while on my last blog post I fill an entire tile, somehow diminishing the treeness. I also like it turned upside down, where it starts to resemble bird beaks to my mind. I wonder if you feel the treeness of the Taiga more because it's cold with you, whereas we're heading into warmer weather.


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