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Zentangle Tile Catch Up

Thanks everyone for the lovely, positive comments and messages I've received on my new project, I'm definitely excited to be doing something new! I've also had a few messages asking for more info, please be assured that when the journals go up for sale I will include all the details to help you decide whether or not it will be useful to you.

I know that many of you are not on Facebook, so today I'm sharing some recent Zentangle tiles I drew for the Square One weekly focus:




My plans for this week were to get right onto my help videos for the digital journal but John, of course, had other plans and took the week off work and we have been fencing all day, every day. 

Right now we have two very naughty heifers around 13 months old that keep pushing through the electric fences. Mostly they are looking for the bull. We have a secure "Chastity Paddock" but to keep up with their regular weekly rotation onto fresh grass we needed to re-fence the other two paddocks.

Look innocent, don't they? LIES! All, lies!!

One of my jobs is to secure the mesh to the steel posts with a wire twist (see the pic on the left) there are three twists on every metal post. So as you can imagine, after 3 days of it, my hands are very sore and tired. We have one more side of the paddock on the right to do and we are done (for now - farm fencing is an ongoing job and when you think you are finally done, it's time to start again).

Have a wonderful weekend. I plan to mostly rest and get back to the videos on Monday :)


  1. To quote my mother, "Hard work ain't easy!" Did anyone ever say that farming was easy? I don't think so! Also remember "If it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger." Sorry about your hands, though...Loved your photos...and your new work!

  2. Hi Helen. Love the the journal pictures and your everyday life. I am looking forward to
    the next adventure you bring us. Hope your hands heal quickly so you can return to drawing.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Hi Helen, Ugh, that fencing sounds like a BIG job but I guess when you have critters most jobs are BIG! Love the tangles. Had to laugh at the first comment about "Hard work ain't easy"... that's for sure. And I thought my horse was a lot of work...(don't have her any longer and I kind of miss all that hard work... silly, I know.)
    Hugs for now from stormy Virginia...

  4. This is going to be sooooooo good. Can I send you a couple of tangles of my own? If you like them you can use them. If you don't like them, that's okay, I do. Cheryl

  5. Your tiles or your mischievous cows, I can't decide which I adore more. Love your 3D Poa and your PeelD tiles are free-flowing and so stringy-perfect! Your project sounds intriguingly interesting and I can hardly wait for you to finish and publish it.

    As for your hands! I so know what you are talking about and I hope you feel a bit better by now. I have huge skin-burning milky cacti with nasty thorns that need cutting every so often. I am contemplating buying a Hazmat suit...


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