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What is a Digital Tangle Journal?

My Digital Tangle Journals will be going up for sale tomorow!! I'm excited! Since I introduced the project on the blog a couple of weeks ago, I've had a lot of questions - particularly "What is a Digitial Tangle Journal?" and "How do you use them?" So....

I have always drawn in Journals, I love that they record my progression. They show the successes and failures and are a great source of new ideas or inspiration when I look through them. It's a chronological treasure trove stored in a convenient package on my bookshelf. I also love my pattern reference of 2" swatches stored in a binder. These tools are the backbone of my drawing workflow and organisation.

So, why digital drawing? I experimented on my iPad a few years ago and it really wasn't for me - I didn't have the fine control that I like in my drawings so that was that...until early this year when a shoulder injury severely limited the amount of time I could sit at my desk drawing and working on the computer. If I wanted to continue to draw I needed to find alternatives. Enter the iPad pro and the Apple Pencil - I was now able to produce artwork I was happy with in a compact and far more portable package. This allowed me to change things up, draw in different positions and locations = productivity and drawing happiness. I also LOVED the challenge of learning something new!
So, what was the problem? I loved digital drawing BUT I really missed the journal experience. My digital drawings were just a series of lonely files on my iPad or computer. I started looking online for an alternative and found that digital journals were a thing, but nothing really met my needs. I learnt about digital annotation apps and the idea to make my own journal, specific to my tangle drawing requirements started to take hold.

The Solution:  I created two purpose built journals - the Digital Tangle Journal and the A-Z journal that include page spreads, grids, etc. that can be utilised to create a customised journal.

Here is how I use them:
 (Please note: page spread samples are to illustrate how I use the journals - the journals for sale will not include this artwork).

Conclusion: I love having a more traditional "journal experience" on my iPad. I can flick through the pages and look at my drawings, make notes and maintain a digital pattern swatch collection. I love, LOVE the flexibility of being able to choose various layouts to suit whatever I want to draw, for example a dot grid spread for pattern experimentation.

Tomorrow the journals will be available for sale - there will be pictures and more details including a video tour of the blank journals and my own journals so that you can decide whether this will be a useful tool for you :)

Have a great day!


  1. sound like a nice idea an you've gone to alot of work getting your new project off, wish you good luck. But from what I've read, am I understanding that a IPAD is required.

    1. Hi Joan, it should work fine in an android digital annotation app also - iPad and GoodNotes are the platforms that I use.

  2. Will this be a standalone app or does it work inside another app?

    1. Hi Amy, it works inside a digital annotation app - I use GoodNotes and an iPad.

  3. Sound interesting! What jardware and software do I need in order to use your digital journal?

    1. Thanks! A digital device and digital annotation app are what you need. I use an iPad and GoodNotes. H


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